Women Fitness Zone

At EnVie you’ll find a comfortable place for women. No more self-conscious dash across the weights room or working out in a fish bowl! Even the newest exercisers will feel comfortable in our friendly community of like-minded women. The variety of workout options are suitable for beginner to advanced fitness levels and progress with you to keep you challenged.

Unique Zone Training System

Our signature-training zone is uniquely set up for each session and then fully facilitated by our qualified instructors. TV monitors displays heart rate and exertion levels at all times within the Zone providing a fun and interactive experience. The use of clever lighting matched to the desired heart rate levels ensures you always know what intensity to work at for best results.

The best in Group Training

At EnVie you’ll find all your favorite classes conveniently located under the one roof - in a female focussed environment. Our timetable consists of Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Barre and a range of specifically design signature training sessions all created by industry experts. All sessions are instructed by experienced trainers and facilitated to allow you to work at your own intensity. No matter your fitness level, age or experience, from gym junkie to beginner we have a class to suit you.

Signature Zones

Each of our Signature Zone sessions is structured to accommodate all levels of ability and fitness, offering a variety of class formats including circuit training, time based intervals, functional training and body weight resistance. Our constantly changing class formats allow members to adjust their weight, speed or resistance to suit their individual intensity and skill level.

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MyZone - WearableTechnology

All our members are equipped with personal heart rate monitoring technology via MyZone. This allows you to view intensity levels and calories burned via the in-studio display screens during each workout and via our personalised smart phone app. Regardless of fitness level, all members are measured based on their relative effort using “exertion points”, allowing an even playing field to challenge yourself while still keeping workouts fun and interactive.

Friendly/Ongoing Support

We pride ourselves on creating a community environment that is motivating and fun for all our members. Being surrounded by like-minded women as well as trainers that are here to help you reach your health and fitness goals will ensure that you are always supported. Your self-improvement, self-confidence and results are what drive the EnVie trainers every day.

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